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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Barbara. My fluffy dog, Sprout, and I are glad to see you! I'm excited to share the deep wisdom I've gained through education, life experience AND divine love.

Thirty years ago I struggled with food addiction and serial co-dependent relationships. Through support groups, therapy, and love, I achieved a soul-level healing that made a huge and wonderful difference in my life. Happily, as I overcame my own personal demons with food and toxic relationships, I was able to share what I learned in a mindful eating class that was unique and empowering during the shame inducing low calorie diet era of the of the 90's.  

Many years later, I made a simple change in my food choices and noticed symptoms I’d had for many decades, including stomach aches, bloating, knee pain and fatigue disappeared, along with 25 unhealthy pounds. Initially, I wrongly blamed those extra pounds and other symptoms on "middle age".  Just in time, I ended a daily sugar addiction that was causing the kind of damage that leads to long-term chronic diseases. Since I had already dealt with the spiritual/emotional side of food addiction, this seemed to be purely physical. After eliminating common food triggers, I found I could re-introduce some foods in limited amounts and began to actually crave healthy whole foods. YAY! I found my own bio-individual sweet spot. My body felt happier and all my physical symptoms related to sugar damage improved.


In order to satisfy my mind's need to understand what had happened, I became a Functional Nutritionist. Like me, some of my clients were able to easily incorporate the food and lifestyle changes needed to improve their health. However, most still struggled, even after they experienced amazing benefits. That's when I remembered, body level changes aren't always enough.


I recalled my own struggles and my need to transform the false beliefs behind the misery. In my case, I over ate to stuff my feelings when I felt unloved. My false BS story was that I was unworthy. Once I transformed my BS, I was free to feel my feelings and begin to rewire my false belief of unworthy of love to loveable.


That's why I became an Inner Alignment Certified Coach. This process recognizes the power and importance of belief systems.

No matter what your goals, life is better, easier, loving and more fun when your false and limiting BS is transformed into loving and supportive beliefs. 

With all this love, experience, training and knowledge, I realized I was given gifts I can share to help you tap into your own sources of deep love, inner knowledge and wisdom. Up level your beliefs with Heart Felt Wisdom so that you can believe it and then see it!

Remember! Your Beliefs Become You!

Personally speaking, I am eternally grateful for all the divine blessings. Friends, family, my son, daughter, husband, and fluffy dog Sprout. 

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