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The BS (Belief System) Quiz
1. People are always letting me down.
2. If something can go wrong, it will.
3. There's never enough. (time, money, love, appreciation)
4. It matters what people think of me.
5. I don't get the respect I'm due.
6. Media (tv, social media, books, magazines, etc...) helps me zone out and relax.
7. It's good to keep busy and work harder when things go wrong.
8. A drink, a smoke, a sweet treat and/or another substance helps me cope.
9. I have a small quiet inner voice that inspires and guides me.

Thanks! Here's the key to your results:

Questions 1-8: True or Sometimes

True or sometimes agreement in statements 1-8 indicate limiting beliefs that are keeping you from experiencing the full happiness you deserve.


Did you answered true to Question 9? "I have a small quiet inner voice that inspires and guides me." Yay! You have a built in silver lining that will guide you to greater happiness.


No matter what your total score of limiting BS, you can clear the clouds away quicker if you replace false and limiting BS (belief systems) with loving, supportive beliefs. Heart Felt Wisdom can help, book a discovery call to find out how.  

Disclaimer: Although this quiz is based on scientific research on beliefs and happiness, its purpose is for your education, encouragement and entertainment only. It is not designed to diagnose any condition.

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