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My friend Dan CAN NOT EVER leave food on his plate, even cheese, which gives him lactose-linked stomach cramps! He overlooks self inflicted pain because his dear, departed mother was a child of the depression.


Even after earning her Master's degree, Bobby struggled to make a decent wage. Worse yet, the money she made flew out of her life much faster than it came in. With Inner Alignment coaching she discovered the key beliefs holding her back. Underneath it all, was a belief of unworthiness that stemmed from her adoption as an infant. Once she processed that limiting belief she was finally able to save money and live in financial abundance.

Margie associates desserts with her mother's love. Any attempts to limit desserts results in deep feelings of disloyalty. No matter how irrational it seems to her, she can't shake the belief. Even though the resulting high blood sugar is leading her to an early grave, she can't stop her daily dessert habit until she re-forms her daily belief habit!

After a disastrous string of broken relationships, Betsy noticed a pattern. It wasn't just bad luck, SHE was the common element. With the help of a skilled counselor and a co-dependent support group, Betsy found the love inside herself. Within a matter of months of realizing her innate lovability, she was happily engaged to her soulmate and they recently celebrated 30 years together. 

Milli used her weight as a protective shield against unwanted attention due to abuse she suffered as a young child. Losing weight feels dangerous and threatening. 

From an early age, John was in and out of the hospital with various illnesses and injuries. His family believed he was "accident prone".  One day he woke up from a coma in a body cast and decided: "Enough of this. My next "accident" could kill me." With much soul searching, he looked back into his childhood and noticed the only time he remembered adult kindness was when he was sick or injured. Rewiring the belief story he created about his ability to experience "healthy" love allowed him to let go of the idea that he had to be sick to be loved.

Jean worked hard to lose 100! pounds and gained it all back plus more because her family never said a word about it. Did they even notice? Turns out, what she really wanted was her family's respect, not weight loss. 

Haunted with memories of her father reciting bible verses as he hit her, Susan has a hard time believing in a loving God. Sadly, this "religious trauma" has made it difficult for her to trust anyone. All of her relationships with family, friends, co-workers, romantic partner and especially with the divine are filled with turmoil. 

Although the names are changed, these belief stories are based on real people whose limiting and false beliefs caused unpleasant consequences. Some were able to uncover and transform their BS. Others still struggle. Luckily, we all have a choice. You don't have to continue to suffer the consequences of beliefs that no longer serve you. Book a discovery call with me soon so you can get to the root of your suffering and break the BS cycle!

True BS (Belief Stories)
This is what BS looks like in Real Life--

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