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Faithful Alignment Course

Apply the love of God to your Beliefs

Are worldly cares keeping you from fully expressing God's love in your life?


Find Inner Wisdom!

Do you ever wonder if the static of the world is interfering with your ability to fully live God's desire for your life?


How do you know if you NEED a tune up?

This is for YOU, if you've ever asked yourself:

WHY is there so much Earth and so little Heaven?

WHY do feelings of shame, guilt, worry and unworthiness plague me?

WHY do I keep making the SAME mistakes over and over again?

WHEN will I finally be able to love and heal my body temple?




Some of the things you'll learn:

--How to see yourself as God sees you;

--How to identify and transform repetitive thoughts that undermine the love and forgiveness of Jesus;

--How to identify and release the false, ego-based idols that keep you trapped;

--How wonderfully you are made;

--How to identify and transform the fears that keep you from fully trusting God's plan for your life.

--How to be in the world and NOT of the world.

Here's what you get:

--8 weekly coaching sessions

--8 weekly group gatherings

--8 weekly inner work assignments to keep the momentum

--Between session support (in group and video teachings)

Program fee is $588 but the first 10 people to sign up get introductory rate of $258! Email or book a call for details 



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