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A Love filled Life is Within Reach

I help brokenhearted empty nesters release guilt and find peace in the face of anger, resentment and blame. It’s never too late to mend your broken heart.

Estranged from someone you love? You're NOT Alone!

It hurts so much...

In 2019, Americans reported a lot of heartache*

  • 24% of those surveyed were estranged from a parent,

  • 14% were separated from a child.

  • Sibling disconnection was reported by 30%.

  • Politics has caused trouble in friendships or family relationships for 20% of us.

  • Research suggests about 40% of Americans have experienced estrangement at some point.

It feels like getting stabbed in the heart, over & over…


*Collins, Lois M. (2022) How many Americans are estranged from family members?, Deseret News

Deep down, you know it’s possible to repair the relationship and restore the love you crave, but right now, you’re painfully aware of your heartache and your separation from the people you love. 

sad-elder-woman-sofa (1)_edited.jpg
Tired of feeling misunderstood?

It’s never too late to mend your broken heart and find the love you’ve been missing.

This is where grieving mammas come to heal.

Deep loving connections start within. Begin by learning who you really are and how to keep your loving balance at all times, no matter what's going on around you. The skills you develop will help you understand yourself on a deeper level so you can meet your own needs and give from your overflow. You’ll relate to your loved ones, and yourself, with compassion, forgiveness and love. 


With Heartfelt Wisdom Heart Repair

You can learn how to let go of guilt and find the love and peace you desire.  

This Could be You:

            Everything is easier now.


Barbara listened with her whole heart in every session. Barbara offered the right practice at just the right time and made my own practice feel easy and effortless. I felt her loving presence every step of the way.


            I wish I could have done this years ago!


Barbara's gentle loving attention to the soul and persisting, even with my résistance, to let go and allow that trauma to reveal itself. Barbara opens a space you aren't aware of and you process the emotions, the space is filled with healing, understanding and Divine love.


           I lost worry and found peace.


Barbara helped me open some much needed doors. I gained a confidence in my ability to continue to create positive changes .


Hello Dearheart, 

I'm Barbara,

I'm looking forward to hearing about what's broken your heart. I help worried, heartbroken Moms co-create a deep connection to their inner source of love so that they can replace guilt, worry and fear with unconditional love and forgiveness. The kind that ripples through and brings healing to the rest of the family as well.

I believe the source of eternal love that lives in our hearts can get blocked by multiple heartaches that begin in childhood. Heartfelt Wisdom helps you learn how to remove barriers so you can become the love you're seeking. When your heart is healed, you are lighter, happier, peaceful, calm and loving. You are no longer depleted and can give from your overflow.

Your Heart can heal in only 8 weeks.

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