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Answer your Soul's call to Follow your Heart's Desire 
For more love, better health, & an overall happier life!

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I want to hear about YOUR Heart's Desire!
Contact me to get your Dream started!

The sooner you start, the sooner, you'll see your dream come true!

Barbara Bowman, Dream Activator

Turn down the fear and turn up the LOVE with the Heart's Desire Project!

Is a hidden belief system, BS, holding you back?
Do you have what it takes to turn BS into LOVE?

Get a Life line with Heartfelt Wisdom!

Are YOU:

  • Feeling stuck, disconnected, overwhelmed, unloved?

  • Always busy but can't get anything done? 

  • Pulled in too many directions?

  • Always doing for others but never do for yourself? 

  • Feeling like you give so much and get little in return? 

Rewire that old BS --Belief System!

  • Life can feel loving, joyful and light;

  • Relationships can heal and feel more nourishing;

  • You don't have to live on the hamster wheel anymore!


Time to reconnect to love and feel good again.

Don't let unnecessary emotional baggage weigh you down! 








Barbara was able to listen with her whole heart in every session we had together. Barbara has the ability to offer the right practice at just the right time and made my own practice feel easy and effortless. She allows you to feel her loving presence every step of the way.

- Stephanie Diehl

Barbara worked with me to remove a mental block regarding my own prosperity and growth and it helped tremendously. I’ll continue to practice the methods she suggested. I would highly recommend her work to all my friends. 

- Felice F.

I've been thrilled with the results of my sessions with Barbara. We balanced for several different issues, and I've felt my energy and understanding shift around all of these things.

- Holly Higgins, NTP

Barbara is a coach who is deeply grounded in the wisdom of the heart. She is a skilled listener with a keen depth of understanding. With Barbara I was able to open some much needed doors within myself. I gained a confidence in my ability to continue to create positive changes .

-Laura Fortune

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